Invest in the Development of Companies Developing Innovative Solutions in the Health Sector

Since 2018, we have been offering our private investors the opportunity to invest collectively in companies developing solutions for public health. Among the companies in the health sector, we find e-health, medical diagnostics, medical technology development, drug development, and service. The development of solutions for public health is supported by the government.

Indeed, researchers are studying health solutions in public laboratories funded by the government; after the discovery of a solution, the researchers file a patent which is either exploited through a license directly from an existing company, or through the creation of a start-up to develop and then market the medical solution.

What are the Investment Opportunities in Innovative Companies in the Health Sector?


There are some companies in the health sector that are busy developing new drugs. They are often defined as “red biotechnology” because they source the development of new therapies, unlike “green biotechnologies” for the environment, navy blue, industrial white. The commercialization of new drugs comes after years of research and numerous tests of molecules to determine the efficacy profile of the future drug. Crowdfunding fundraising takes place before the clinical development phases, that is to say in the study phase of the drug candidate in healthy men and then in affected men.


EU companies are innovating by developing new devices to improve the efficiency of medical diagnostics. These companies are developing new medical imaging machines, or diagnostic methods allowing the implementation of more personalized treatments adapted to each patient, or tools intended for health professionals to facilitate the diagnosis of their patients. Fundraising via crowdfunding is used for the development of new markets, the strengthening of teams, or the purchase of equipment for the production of medical diagnostic products.



Digital technologies have given rise to new innovative companies in the health sector. These companies are creating new uses for patients and practitioners to improve the efficiency of diagnostics, the fluidity of exchanges, etc. Some of these companies are developing connected objects monitoring the physiological parameters of patients, predictive algorithms facilitating the diagnosis of diseases in patients, community platforms, etc. These start-ups and SMEs raise funds to accelerate their development and growth in order to strengthen their teams or open up new markets.



Some companies in the health sector specialize in the development and commercialization of medical technologies. Medtechs develop equipment or software intended for the prevention, control, diagnosis or treatment of diseases in humans. These EU start-ups or SMEs include consumables or facilities, reusable materials or medical materials. Medtechs use crowdfunding to finance their growth in the development or commercialization phase.

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