Green Energy


Wind energy, considered to be clean energy, is in France as in the world in full development. According to the GWEC (Global Wind Energy Council), during the period end 2010 – end 2015 alone, the installed capacity of the global wind farm had more than doubled. In the EU, wind energy is now at the heart of energy policy and contributes in particular to the diversification of the electricity mix.



Wind energy is produced by wind turbines which capture the kinetic energy of the wind through their blades and produce, thanks to an alternator / generator thus set in motion, electricity of renewable origin.

The electrical or mechanical energy produced by a wind turbine depends on three parameters: the shape and length of the blades, the wind speed and finally the temperature which influences the density of the air.

The wind turbines are connected to the electricity network via a transformer housed at the base of the mast.



Thanks to the democratization of investment, anyone can now easily convert, in just a few clicks, into a citizen investor!

Promoting green finance and investing in wind energy, in a nutshell, means participating in the acceleration of our country’s ecological transition while making a profitable financial investment.

As the wind energy sector benefits from the energy buy-back obligation system by distribution companies, the sector’s outlets are (almost) assured.

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